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Housing and Communal College

The main task of technical schools today - training of highly qualified specialists in specific disciplines, providing them with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in conditions of market relations, education of the creative person. Today in Ukraine changed the place, role and function of mid-level professionals, increased demands on their competence and competitiveness.

We currently have a license to engage in educational activities on four levels of accreditation for four directions in the field of "Green building and gardening services", "Industrial floriculture," "Accounting", "Organization of service in hotels and tourist complexes" "Commercial activity" and is licensed volume receiving 330 persons. Each specialty is accredited in accordance with relevant decisions of the SJC.

The training of specialists is carried out on two full-time and two part-time offices on the basis of state order as well as the expense of individuals and legal entities. Since 1997, operates externship.

Providing a full secondary education is carried out by a licensed General Directorate of Education and Science of Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

Staffing, a teaching and logistical support to the educational process at the college meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science.

High-quality humanities, natural science and the training of junior specialists is carried out according with the curriculum developed by the standards of higher education highly experienced teachers. A total of 55 college teachers works, of which 52 - the main place of work (including: teacher-trainers - 5 people, teachers of the highest category - 28 people).

The educational process at the college is organized in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, educational standards.

Our graduates - it's practitioners. They go to work, knowing how much work awaits them in the future. And it's not only because of theoretical training in a certain direction, but rather a long and thorough practical training. Program of educational, technological and externship for each specialty are united in the cross-cutting program, which identifies the content and sequence, and the relationship of each level of practical training.

Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

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