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Department of Philosophy and Political Science

Корженко В.В. - Заведующий кафедрой философии и политологии ХНАГХ

Head of Department - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor

Vladimir Vasilevich Korzhenko.

Department of Philosophy and Political Science, was founded  in 1991, until 2005 it was headed by Ph.D., associate professor of the Velikikh A. A.,  from 2005 to 2012 - Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Vladimir Vasilevich Budko.

For a long time  at the  Department worked  Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Krivulya Alexander Mikhailovich.

The Department provides an educational process on all courses, all faculties and forms of education, preparing bachelors, masters and graduate students of the University. Department personnel implement modern forms and methods of teaching philosophy, sociology, political science, logic, religion studying, ethics and esthetics, conflictology, methodology of scientific researches, and special course "The city as a social system." Научная работа кафедры философии и политологии ХНАГХ 1

Scientific researches of the department linked with the issues "dialectic of subjective and objective in the knowledge and practice."

Under the facilitating and scientific advising of professor Budko V. V. four candidates and one doctor dissertation were protected, Professor Korzhenko V.V. - twelve candidates and two doctor.

Department personnel  regularly participate in the annual International Skovorodinovskih philosophical readings and international sociological readings (both - Kharkiv National University V.N. Karazin) Political conferences (Kharkiv National Law Academy Yaroslav the Wise).

Department of Philosophy and Political Science has agreements on cooperation in the field of scientific and methodological work between KNUME and the Moscow Academy of Municipal Economy and Construction (Russia) and the St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (Russia).

Научная работа кафедры философии и политологии ХНАГХ 2

Since 2011,  the Department organizes an annual International Scientific and Practical Internet Conference «City. Culture. Civilization ", involving scientists from Kharkov, Moscow, Belgorod and other cities.

There are two methodological section at the department,: Philosophy (Head - Associate Professor Sadovnikov O. K.  and Political Science (Head - senior teacher Zinchina O.B.).

Personnel of the Chair permanently provide with scientific work of the students.  Taking an active part in the student research conference in KNUME, other conferences and competitions of student papers. Special attention is  paid to these activities associate professor Radionova L.A., associate professor Sadovnikov O.K.

 The department permanently works on improving the theoretical and methodological level of teaching, improving of methods and forms of teaching and organization of self-study. Teachers pay special attention to the implementation of the educational process and the use of multimedia elements of distance education for full-time students and part-time forms of education. Constantly working distance courses of all subjects which For providing information for independent work of students, giving feedback between teacher and students in the department has a website www.kafedra.net.ua.

The experience and professionalism of teachers in the Department noted at the highest level. Name Profesor Krivulya A. M. in the book of outstanding teachers of Kharkiv, he was awarded an Interior Ministry of Ukraine "Cross of Glory." Professor Budko V.V. - the student of the regional competition "High School of Ukraine - the best names," Associate professor Radionova L. A. student of the same competition, is thanks to Kharkiv Mayor for many years of hard and fruitful work and significant contribution to the development of education and science.

The department always opened to constructive criticism, comments and suggestions for improving the academic and scientific work, cooperation with colleagues of Ukraine and abroad.

Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

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