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Department of Advanced Mathematics

phone.: 8 (057) 707-31-30

Location: auditorium. 301 (CC) - Head of Department of Advanced Mathematics;

room. 302 (CC) - Department of Advanced Mathematics teaching

Teaching staff

The teaching staff of the Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME

By the faculty of the Department include:

1 professor, 6 associate professors, 6 senior teachers , 4 assistant, 1 senior laboratory

Department of Advanced Mathematics administratively belongs to the Faculty of Environmental Engineering Cities. Lecturer Courses taught Advanced mathematics, discrete mathematics, probability theory and mathematical statistics. Discipline "Advanced mathematics" is normative for students enrolled in all specialties, which trains Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy. It is clear that absolutely all Academy students receive basic knowledge of such an important fundamental subjects as mathematics lecturer from the department. That is why all the joy of the victories of our talented graduates, and the image of the comments to the quality of training we receive and on your account.

Several employees of the Department of Advanced Mathematics met with our prospective students (who have maintained the status of students) on training courses of the Academy. Classes in mathematics in the preparatory courses can not only properly prepare for external assessment (EIA), but also target students in need to study just those topics and sections of algebra and geometry that will be needed in future studies. Accordingly, we encourage our prospective students not to neglect such a great opportunity to prepare for entering higher, as the courses of the Academy.

History of the Department

Department of Advanced mathematics is with one of the oldest departments of the Academy. It was founded in 1934 under the leadership of Ph.D, Associate Professor Sigidina Mark Davidovich. From 1962 to 1965, the department was headed PhD, Associate Professor Rogovoy Mark Rafailovich. From 1965 to 1992 - PhD., Professor Kadets Mikhail Iosifovich . Since 1992, the department is headed by Professor Kolosov Anatoly Ivanovich .

From the history of the Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 1During the whole period from the inception to the present lecturer is fruitful scientific work. associate professor Sihidin M.D. in 1933 wrote an article "The law of large numbers" which was published in the periodical "Bulletin of the People's Commissariat of the USSR." The same year he published a textbook for students of colleges and Tasks in mathematics (which stood three editions).

In 1962 he became head of the Department PhD., Associate Professor M.R. Rogovoy, an expert on differential geometry. His name is associated with the development and introduction of new educational courses Department "Theory of Probability and Statistics", "Mathematical Programming."

In 1965, the leadership of the department took the doctor physical and mathematical , Professor M.I. Kadets, a specialist in functional analysis. Coming to the team working effectively promoted revitalization Mathematics Research Department. He began working scientific seminar on functional analysis, which quickly became character Common. Graduate School was established, which was very effective. Since its inception under the direction of M.I. Kadets prepared 19 candidates of sciences. Seven of them were doctors in the future physical and mathematical sciences, including employee of the Department Godun B.V., which now works in Kherson Technical University. One of them, S.L. Troyanskyy became a corresponding member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

From the history of the Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 2Professor Kadets M.I. received the title of Honored Scientist of Ukraine (1991), Soros Professor (1997), Professor Emeritus KSAME (1998), Presidential Scholar (1999).

Decree of President of Ukraine № 1782/2005 of 19.12.2005, the Kadets M.I. was awarded the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology in 2005 for a series of monographs "The geometry and topology of finite, infinite varieties and subvarieties."

Professor Kadets M.I. - The author of more than 80 scientific works, including two monographs. He regularly spoke at conferences and lectured by invitation at universities in Bulgaria, Austria, Spain and Israel.

Kolosov A.I. - Head. Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME Currently heading the Department of Advanced Mathematics Doctor of Physics and MathematicsScience, Professor Anatoly Ivanovich Kolosov has an active research and teaching activities. He is author of more than 30 scientific papers. The main directions of his scientific papers - a nonlinear boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations, nonlinear operator equations in napivuporyadkovanyh spaces.

Anatoly Ivanovich is a reviewer of international abstract journal Mathematics (Berlin, Germany), Chairman of the State Examination Commission at the Department of Applied Mathematics, Kharkov National University of Radio Electronics, a member of the Scientific Council of the Academy.

Professor Kolosov A.I. maintains close academic links with the Institute of Applied Mathematics. Keldysh (now the Institute for Mathematical Modelling RAS), Latvian University. Stuchky and other scientific centers of Ukraine and abroad. A former graduate student of his Putyatin V.E. thesis for a Ph.D. in England.

Research Department

Department staff are active and fruitful research activity in various fields of Applied Sciences in the following areas:

- methods of mathematical statistics of environmental, physical and structural issues joining optical fibers (Associate Professor Stanishevsky S.O.);

- nonstationary deformation of thin plates and shells under pulse loads (Associate Professor Bizyuk V.V.);

- modeling and control of complex technological objects pipeline energy (Associate Professor Yakunin A.V.);

- processes of interaction of charged particles with molecular gases, modeling processes that occur in the tails of comets and the atmosphere, the study of optical spectra of molecules, atoms and ions (Associate Professor Danilevsky M.P.);

- development of approximate methods of calculation, the theory of elasticity, fractals (Associate Professor Arkhipova O.S.);

- Spectral and resonance properties of the waveguide system partially filled with lossy dielectric (Associate Professor Kovalenko L.B.);

- research on functional analysis, geometry of Banach spaces (art teacher. Pechenizhskyy Y.E.);

- within the national program "Resource" - the definition of stress and temperature fields in the products of complex geometry (senior teacher. Borakovskyy O.V.);

- modeling of spherical conformal antennas, lenses Lyuneberhu (senior teacher. Radchenko V.V.);

- placing objects in three dimensions by the middle of center of mass (senior teacher. Shulgin S.S.);

- mathematical modeling of partitioning and routing in transportation networks of large dimension (assistant Kobets A.O.)

- formation of professional culture of the future managers of gender features (assistant Sitnikova Yu.V.);

- mathematical modeling and numerical analysis of the slow flow of a viscous fluid (assistant Lamtyuhova S.M.).

As part of its research faculty Kobets A.A., Sitnikova Yu.V., Shulgin S.S., Lamtyuhova S.M. productive work on master's theses.

The department actively participate in national and international scientific conferences and symposia (Kyiv, Moscow, Minsk, Riga, Moscow, Bulgaria, Poland, Hermaniya, Spain, Israel, Italy).

So only the last in 2011 members of the department took an active part in international conferences and published research papers and abstracts.

Scientific articles, abstracts

1. Kolosov S.V., Lamtyuhova S.N., Sidorov M.V., Proceedings XV law International Symposium "Methods discrete Features in problems of mathematical physics" (MDOZMF 2011) - Kherson, KNTU, 13 - 18 June 2011. Topic: "At odnom constructive approach to address the non-linear integral equations."

2. Kolosov A.I. Methods of mathematical modeling to study problem of the Poisson - Boltzmann. / / Proceedings of international conference on mathematical modeling (MKMM -2011) Kherson, KNTU, 12 - 17 September 2011.

3. Sitnikova Yu.V. Adjustment of social roles of future managers in the teaching experiment. / / Gender Map of Central - Eastern Europe: Proceedings of the International scientific - practical conference Sumy 21 -22 April 2011.

4. Voronovskaya L.P. Economic mechanisms governing municipal enterprises field of energy conservation. / / International scientific Power save. of the conference Alushta, 13 - 17 June 2011.

5. Lamtyuhova S.M., Sidorov M.V. Application of R-functions to calculate the external slow flow of a viscous fluid. / / Open Scientific Conference of Young Scientists and Specialists (KMN-2011), Lviv, Physico-Mechanical Institute . G.V. Karpenko National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 26 - October 28, 2011.

Participation in conferences

1. XV International SYMPOSIUM "Methods discrete Features in problems of mathematical physics" (MDOZMF 2011) Herson, KNTU, 13 - 18 June 2011. Kolosov A.I., Lamtyuhova S.N.

2. International Conference on mathematical modeling (MKMM -2011) Kherson, KNTU, 12 - 17 September 2011. Kolosov A.I.

3. Scientific and practical conference "Hendernaya map of the Central Eastern Europe." Sumy 21 - 22 April 2011. Sumy State University. Sitnikova Yu.V.

4. III International scientific and practical conference "Problems and prospects, and regulatory and legal framework for energy resource into housing," Alushta 13 - 17 June 2011 Voronovskaya L.P.

5. IX International scientific and practical conference "Theory and methodology of training fundamental discipline in High School", 19 May 2011, Krivoy Rog, Kryvorozhskaya National Academy Metallurgical. Shulgyn S.S.

6. XXII open scientific and technical conference of young scientists and specialists (KMN-2011). Lviv, Physics and Mechanics Institute. G.V. Karpenko National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, 26 - October 28, 2011. Lamtyuhova S.M.

Participation in conferences Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME Most employees take an active part in the performance of the department research theme "Research on functional analysis and its application" and interdepartmental state budget theme of Economics Building and Advanced mathematics, "Formation of rational mathematical methods in solving the urgent problems of economic construction at the regional level."

We are proud of our young colleagues, who successfully combine research and teaching work. Assistant Department of Advanced Mathematics Lamtyuhova S.M. on scientific and technical conference of young scientists and specialists, held 26-28 October 2011 at the Physical-Mechanical Institute. G.V. Karpenko National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (Lviv), received a diploma degree and a cash prize for the best report.

Teaching work department

Department of Advanced Mathematics conducts training in all specialties, which has students in Kharkov Academy of Municipal Economy.

The department of Advanced mathematics are taught the following courses:

- Advanced mathematics;

- discrete mathematics;

- theory of probability and mathematical statistics.

Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 1

Faculty are constantly retraining and advanced training in the best scientific and educational centers of the country, such as Kharkiv National University. V.N. Karazin, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics, National Technical University "KPI". In a world of new information technologies and the application of modern methods of teaching at the Academy of Municipal Economy, several employees of the department, namely, associate professor Yakunin A.V., assistant Kuznetsova А.А.,assistant Kobets А.А, assistant Sitnikova Yu.V. completed courses with distance learning system "Theory and practice of work in Moodle». Our teachers have successfully passed all stages of education and by creating the appropriate distance courses were highest score - "excellent." Create distance learning courses in the Help mode is used in work with students. Gradually this work will be covered by all the teaching staff. soon scheduled training courses in these centuries. off. Radchenko V.V.

Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 2

Much attention is paid to teachers of the department of educational and methodical work: the publication of teaching aids recommended by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, books, lectures, guidelines, manuals on solving problems; collections of tests, examinations, programs and working programs of subjects and more. We are proud that in the overall ranking of Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy Department is our rightful place on the number of published textbooks labeled with MES of Ukraine. The most important ones (labeled with textbooks and monographs Education of Ukraine), published recently:

- Kovalenko L.B., Stanishevsky S.O. Discrete Mathematics (for students of economic, management and electrical engineering majors). - K.: KNAME– 2006.

- Arkhipova O.S. Advanced Mathematics (for students specializing in electric vehicles). - K.: KNAME– 2007.

-Torkatyuk V.I., Shutenko L.N., Kolosov A.I., Arkhipova E.S. The book and others. Mathematical apparatus and methods for generating optimal process parameters functioning stroytelnoho management company. - K.: KNAME – 2007.

-Bizyuk V.V. Yakunin A.V. Special sections of higher mathematics for electrical engineering. - K.: KNAME – 2008.

-Borakovskyy AV A.I. Ropavka - Handbook for the solutions of problems of Advanced Mathematics. Handbook for problem solving in higher mathematiks. – K.: KNAME – 2008.

- Stanishevsky S.O., Yakunin A.V. Sitnikova V.S. Advanced Mathematics for electricians. module

1:Analytical geometry in the plane. Introduction to mathematical analysis. Differential calculus of functions of one variable. Linear and vector algebra. Plane and live in space. Complex numbers and functions. - K.: KNAME – 2009.

- Stanishevsky S.O., Yakunin A.V. Volodchenko A.O. Advanced Mathematics for electricians. module

2: Integral calculus of functions of one variable. Differential equations. Operational calculus. Items of variational calculations. - K.: KNAME – 2009.

-Kovalenko L.B. Advanced Mathematics for managers. - K.: KNAME – 2010.

-Kovalenko L.B. Stanishevsky S.O. Collection of test tasks for managers. - K.: KNAME – 2010.

-Danilevsky M.P., A.I Kolosov, A.V. Yakunin Fundamentals of spherical geometry and trigonometry. - K.: KNAME – 2011.

- Kobets A.A., Samoilenko M.I. Information technology in solving transport problems. - K.: KNAME- 2011.

Electronic versions of all teaching development staff of the Department of Advanced Mathematics, published within the past six years, is in a shared digital repository of Kharkiv National Academy of Municipal Economy(http://eprints.kname.edu.ua/ – Search by Division - Department of Environmental Engineering of Cities - Department of Advanced Mathematics).

Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 3 Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 4 Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 5
Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 6 Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 7 Educational and methodical work Department of Advanced Mathematics KNAME 8

Teaching and training and educational activities of the Department

The department of Advanced mathematics is paid a considerable attention to teaching and training and education activities, vocational work. Start with her work with students - our future students. In the State Department: associate professor Bizyuk V.V. - Director of the Center for Preparatory KNAME, teachers training courses - associate professor Stanishevsky S.O., associate professorArkhipova A.S., assistant Kuznetsova G.A.

Under the direction of senior teacher Borakovskoho A.V. Academy students take part in the annual National Olympiad in mathematics. This year student of PCB-2009-3 Chuyko A.K. took 2nd place in competition among the students build high schools of Ukraine.

Scientific teaching and training and educational activities of the Department of  Advanced Mathematics KNAME 1 Scientific teaching and training and educational activities of the Department of  Advanced Mathematics KNAME 2

All teachers of the department are to develop scientific skills of talented students. Under their leadership over 20 students annually participate in the "Student Scientific Society" - prepare papers, reports, articles.

Educational work with students does not end at the door classrooms. In 2011, reviving the tradition of the days of departments in dormitories KNAME. Faculty met and held consultations with students living in dormitories Academy.

Department of Advanced Mathematics participates in the preparation of each specialist, receiving education at the academy, including the Department of Higher Education, Faculty of Foreign Students, FSP and distance learning courses, while working closely with departments such as Information Technology Center, Research library, and departments of the Academy.

Modern conditions of social development require the teaching staff is constantly creative research aimed at improving the professional skills of young urban professionals.

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