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Dept. of Town Planning

Teaching staff

Department of Town Planningwas established in 1934

The department employs highly skilled specialists, including: doctors - 1, professors - 2, Ph.D. - 7 professors - 6 assistants - 3, senior lecturers - 5, support staff - 2.

V.T. Semenov - Head of the Department of Town Planning KNAME

Vladlen Trofimovich Semenov - C. Arch.., Prof., Honored Architect of Ukraine, laureate of State Prize, member of Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, member of the Expert Board of the International Assembly of Capitals and Cities, Director of the North-Eastern Branch of the Ukrainian Academy of Architecture, Planning Council member in Kharkiv, head of the department since 1991.

 Areas of research: Development Strategy in large cities.

Courses: "Problems of modern Town Planning," "Management areas of large cities."

Educational Activities.

The department trains bachelors field of study "Building", and masters in "Municipal Construction and" all forms of education.

Major Disciplines:

Architecture of buildings and structures

Town Planning and transport

Planning and bridge improvement


Landscape and landscape construction

Urban Transport, streets and roads

Integrated explored urban areas

Problems of modern Town Planning

Reconstruction of areas of residential and public buildings

Management of urban areas

Theoretical courses are fixed practical training within the following practices:

heritage working profession;

I production;

II production;




Base Practice: Departments of Kharkiv City Council, Department of Town Planning and Architecture Kharkiv, LLC "Institute" Harkivproekt "construction and design organizations and enterprises.

Annual bachelors in all forms of education is about 150 persons; graduates - about 100 people; Masters - about - 10 people.

More than 90% coursework, graduation projects are carried out using modern information technology.

A diploma project Town Planning Department KNAME 1 A diploma project Town Planning Department KNAME 2
Protection degree projects
Practical training in the discipline "Integrated development and maintenance of urban development" department of Town Planning KNAME

Conducting praktychnohozanyattya of discipline "Integrated development and maintenance of city building."

After graduation in educational and professional programs graduates receive the following qualifications:

"Bachelor" - "Bachelor of Construction"

"Specialist" - "structural engineer"

"Master" - "Master of Construction"

Methodical and publishing

The disciplines taught by the department, provided manuals, textbooks, teaching guidelines.

From 2006 to 2011 academic staff of the department issued: 4 monographs, 10 manuals, 3 textbooks, 6 lecture, 25 guidelines.


Annually, the Department shall prepare and issue 10/08 masters.

Master thesis and degree projects are developed with the most relevant to urban themes:

Formation and development of recreational areas in Kharkiv;

Ecological and urban design concepts of landscape and recreational areas;

Methods for solving transport problems in the central part of Kharkiv provided that the historic environment;

Reconstruction of the different areas of the city of Kharkov (the historical center, residential areas, industrial areas, urban network of streets and roads, parks, squares);

Planning and development of various areas of cities (residential, industrial, parks, gardens, etc.)..

Every year before entering graduate school at the Department of 1-2 people.

Specializations graduate school:

- 05.23.20 – "Town Planning and territorial planning";

- 18.00.02 – "Architecture of buildings and structures";

- 18.00.04 – "Town Planning and landscape architecture";

- 05.22.01 – "Transport Systems".

Areas of research directly related to sustainable development of Kharkiv:

Reforming Housing

Strategy for development of large cities

Integrated transport scheme

The volume of research funding annually about 60 thousand ..

Faculty and students of specialty "Municipal Construction and" actively participate in conferences, competitions and contests at various levels. Every year in the Olympics and competitions diploma course projects and specialty "Municipal Construction and" students of our department took prizes.

Material - technical basis.

Material and technical base of the department complies with the training, fully provides workshops, lectures on the majors, makes it possible to widely use visual aids, demonstration equipment, technology training ..

Department of Town Planning Classrooms KNAME 1 Department of Town Planning Classrooms KNAME 2


Partners - employers:

Constant real employers for young professionals, which produces the Department of Town Planning are:

The executive authorities and municipal government;

City Utilities;

Design and construction organizations and enterprises.

The actual employment of graduates in 2011 is:

with 18 people - 16 official working in different institutions in Kharkiv, for example, Upravlinntsi planning and architecture in Kharkiv, Prombudproekt, CE "Kharkiv Heating Networks" and others.

Department Town Planning diplomas KNAME 1  Department Town Planning diplomas KNAME 2 Department Town Planning diplomas KNAME 3

Promising areas of work

executive power;

design, construction, reconstruction of houses, buildings, territories;

management areas;

teaching and scientific research.

land improvement, landscape construction

Famous alumni:

Zavalna Lina Konstantinovna - Honored Architect of Ukraine

Dovbnya Alexander Vladimirovich - Chief Architect of the Kiev district of Kharkov;

Fokina Tatyana Alexandrovna - chief architect Chervonozavodsky District in Kharkiv

Semerenko Igor Vladimirovich- Chief Architect of Dzerzhinsky district of Kharkov

Sadowski Alexei Nikolayevich - Deputy. Head of Town Planning, Architecture and Land Affairs and Head of the UGA master plan of Kharkov

For the applicant

EIT Certificate:


Ukrainian language and literature;

physics or chemistry.

Promo vydeorolik Department

Telephone: (057) 707-31-33 (department Town Planning)

Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

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