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Building construction

Training course "ESTIMATED PRICING"


Kharkiv National Municipal Academy invites you to take a course on "estimated point construction using program complex" Building Technologies - an estimate. "

The main purpose of the course are:

trained calculator for organizations of all forms of ownership;

improvement of skills engineers calculator;

depth study of software "Building Technologies - an estimate" with a guaranteed increase in productivity.

Organization of training sessions:

for the study offers the latest versions of software;

language version of the software chosen at will;

under study from 8 to 10 people;

published manuals for the theoretical part of the material and practical problems;

for homework students are offered practical problems while in classrooms;

Home Occupation - as a complete set of groups;

duration of training depends on the frequency and duration of employment (on average 1.5-2 months).


The task of the course - to teach students:


- basic principles and formulas, which is calculated estimates;

- justify the selected coefficients to calculate the estimates, including all stages of construction, starting with preparing the construction and finishing processing areas around the building with the latest changes and recommendations;

- determine scope of work;

- use software package for calculating the construction cost estimates.


During the course students are offered a course of affairs budget, which includes base budget case basis pricing in construction technique estimates the volume of work, examples of estimates at all stages of construction.


An important feature is the use at each stage of the learning process of software "Building technology - an estimate."

After completing the training course each student is certified and receives the quality of the developer.

Classrooms equipped with modern equipment (multimedia technology, computers). The work of our faculty sets high quality learning, attention and individual approach to each listener

Teaching and improving their skills in the training class, you are guaranteed to receive high-quality first-hand knowledge.

Tuition for 01.01.2012r. - 1100 UAH (VAT not applicable).

We are ready for cooperation and look forward to seeing you on our courses.




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The training program for the course "Building technology-BREAKDOWN '


1. Entry. Concepts. The software "Building technology - an estimate."

2. Legislation. The composition of the regulations. Overview of the estimated norms and standards. Technical part. Custom and departmental rules. Properties.

3. Creating projects. Types of projects. Creating projects. Plants projects.

4. The structure of the project. Formation of the structure of the project. Properties and installation projects.

5. Edit the local budgets. Making a local estimate of costs. Set the volume of work. Edit the local budget. Standard Samples.

6. Prices and tariffs. Tariff grid. Materials. Machines and mechanisms. Transportation charges.

7. Additional expenses. Basic principles of forming a list of additional costs. Standard items of expenditure. Standard estimates. Create your own articles.

8. Printing documents. Review printed forms. Setting print options.

9. Calculation of production costs. Types of settlements and their implementation.

10. Contract price. Create a project "contract price", its properties. Calculations within the contract price. Formation of the contract price of residual amounts of work.

11. Acts of acceptance of the works. Creation of "Acts of acceptance of work performed." Settings revenue. Installation of the actual costs of resources.

12. Service functions. Tools for analysis and verification of estimates.

13. Review of software to create estimates.

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