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momotMomot Tatyana Valerievna - head of accounting and auditing, Prof..

harlamovaKharlamova Elena Viktorovna - curator of education programs for accountants Ph.D., Associate Professor of Accounting and Auditing.


Training course "Accounting"

Faculty training leading experts in conjunction with the Department of Accounting and audit exercise training program:


Module 1. Accounting policies and accounting organization.

Module 2. Accounting department.

Module 3. Management Accounting.

Module 4. Budgeting.

Module 5. Taxes and taxation.

Module 6. Commercial law (business contracts).

Module 7. Labor Law.

• Модуль 8. Фінансовий аналіз.

Module 9. Financial Statements.

Module 10. Financial Management.

Module 11. Audit.

Module 12. International Financial Reporting Standards.

A collection of modules is optional groups. After completing the course receive a certificate of training policy.


CIPA program - the only comprehensive program in Russian international certification of professional accountants. Program - a reduction of the English name of the certificate CIPA (Certified International Professional Accountant: Certified International Professional Accountant). Holders of CAP / CIPA certificates are entitled to add the name of the certificate to your signature, which corresponds to international practice.


ACCA DipIFR (Rus) - the most complete program in Russian by the International Financial Reporting Standards. Today, this internationally qualification allows students to receive in-depth understanding of basic principles and rules of international reporting, helps form a professional judgment on the practical application of IFRS and give a significant competitive advantage in the labor market. In the process of training our students receive the knowledge of specific requirements, the basic principles and rules of IFRS recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure of elements of financial reporting, financial reporting skills under IFRS, including the consolidated financial statements, the experience of forming a professional judgment on the practical application of IFRS .


Rate IFRS - a comprehensive training program to the principles of accounting to international standards of accounting and reporting and develop the skills of construction of financial statements in different formats. IFRS course is divided into starter (40 hours) and professional (32 hours). The course is designed for accountants and auditors, as well as for all professionals interested in using the new features of effective and clear presentation of financial information about the company for investment, long-term financing and cooperation for public companies that need additional disclosures about their activities based on international accounting standards in the manner prescribed SCSSM according to the Law of Ukraine of 17.09.2008 № 514-VI. Subject to passing both courses receive a certificate of training policy.


Currently, financial management, financial management is becoming more popular. Virtually all business processes in the company related to finance, are the financial review. Financial indicators on the one hand, characterize the performance of most departments of any company, on the other hand, are the main Diagnostic indicators that signal the change and allow a system of measures to restore the system in balance. Finance unit is a structure that coordinates the organization of the company by properly designed system of management control and decision making.


School accountant beginners.

This course is recommended for those who do not know accounting and wants to learn basic knowledge and skills of accounting. The course is aimed at beginners, students can also help practicing accountants update their knowledge according to the latest changes in regulations. Our courses will help you navigate Accountants in national accounting standards, and practical tasks help to acquire skills in completing the initial documentation and preparation of accounting and tax reporting, including all funds.



This course is designed for those seeking office assistant (assistant) of the auditor, but not a justifiable level of professional knowledge and experience. The course of the auditor-Starter will help to orientate in the basic principles of auditing in general and the audit process in particular, determine the order of planning the audit, the calculation of risk, materiality, sample, develop the skills audit documentation, methods of gathering audit evidence, etc. Individuals with higher economic or legal education after passing courses and training of master of receiving Certificate of Higher Education policy in the direction of "assistant auditor."

Seminars for DIRECTIONS

Tax Code: the practical application. A short course of tax knowledge. All about private enterprise. Accounting and tax accounting and organization department. Accounting and reporting for managers and business owners. Management accounting and budgeting. IFRS-statements: changes in actual standards. Analysis of financial statements in IFRS format. IFRS for small and medium-sized (non-public) companies. Transformation of the Ukrainian financial reporting in IFRS.


If desired audience possible development of individual programs.

Наші викладачі

     Момот Тетяна Валеріївна - завідувач кафедри обліку і аудиту, д.е.н., професор.

     Харламова Олена Вікторівна - куратор програм підвищення кваліфікації бухгалтерів к.е.н., доцент кафедри Обліку і аудиту.


Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

2Украинско - канадский культурно-образовательный центр

 Украинско- польский культурно-образовательный центр

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