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Department of Finance and Economic Security, Accounting and Auditing

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Department of economic and financial security, accounting and auditing is based as the Department of Accounting and Auditing in the Department "Economics and Management" Kharkiv National Municipal Academy in 1995.

The purpose of the department - the training of qualified experts in accounting, analysis, audit, and financial and economic security of business activity.

In 2012, the teaching staff of the department prepares professionals time and correspondence forms of training on education and skill levels: bachelor's and master's degree (Specialist - chosen by the student) training areas "Accounting and Auditing".


Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing.

Bachelor of Accounting and Auditing in-depth study of the English language (at the student's choice).

Bachelor of Accounting and auditing - Economics teacher (student's choice). / 240 ECTS /

Master of Accounting and Auditing (or specialist - at the student's choice). / 60 ECTS /

Field of Study "for financial and economic security":

Master "Professional financial and economic security" / 90 ECTS / (plan 2012).

Credo Department - accountants prepare a new generation of highly qualified specialists with modern methods of organization and maintenance of accounting and analytical process to audit and control in different forms of management.

Momot T.V. - Head Department of economic and financial security, accounting and auditing KNAME

Head Department of economic and financial security, accounting and auditing, doctor of economic sciences, professor T.V. Momot is a member of international professional organizations: Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors, the International Association of Financial Management.

Under the leadership of T.V. Momot acting school of "value-oriented corporate governance in Ukraine and information for and corporate security": trained 7 candidates, trains doctoral students, post-graduate students.

The department provides a high quality of teaching specialized financial and economic disciplines through meaningful and creative study of international accounting standards, financial reporting and auditing, as well as close cooperation with leading practitioners and experts from the world level.

Department published 13 textbooks stamped PWS are for the year 2012

Momot T.V., Kharlamova O.V., Breslavska G.M. Introductory to spetsіalnostі «ACCOUNTING AUDIT» / «Introduction to specialty« ACCOUNTING AUDIT »(Student 1 year full-time and part-time students in the direction of 6.030509 - "Accounting and Auditing"): Manual. Kharkov, 2012.

Momot T.V., Bezuglaya V.A., Tararua J.A., Kadnichansky M.V., Chaly I.G. Financial management: the manual. / Ed. Momot TV - Kiev Center of textbooks (first place in the competition of textbooks in Yekaterinburg).In 2012, the students of the specialty "Accounting and Auditing" took part in the National Student Olympiad on specialty "Management of financial and economic security," the university "University of Economics and Law" CRIC "(Kiev). The best results in the competition showed Globa Alina (11th place) and Lopatkina Catherine (14th place).

We are actively preparing students for the field of study "Bachelor of Accounting and auditing specialized in English", and, namely:

- In 2012 for 2 course teaches 20 students, a 3 course - 16 students, a 4th year - 10 students. At the end of May 2012 will be the first release of the Bachelors Accounting and auditing specialized in English and the ceremonial presentation of their diplomas

Fruitfully branch of the department of accounting and audit-based publishing and consulting corporation "Factor."

Become traditional participation of the best students in the Department of interregional competition "AUDITOR OF THE YEAR" held among institutions of higher education in Kharkiv and regions:

May 23, 2012 in the "AUDITOR 2012" 1st place undergraduate accounting and auditing Kishchenko Ivan, 3rd place - Master of Accounting and Audit Tislyukova Daria.

The Department has regional office of the Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors of Ukraine.

Department has prepared more than 3,000 experts in accounting and auditing, which work on the main expert of municipal, industrial, commercial and agricultural enterprises in local and state governments in the budgetary institutions and organizations, academic careers.

State budget theme: "Information and analytical support for the strategic management of the financial and economic security of the economic entities of Ukraine in the context of globalization: theory, methodology, practice."

Students of the department are involved in the annual scientific conference of students and young scientists "sustainable urban development". Department conducts training of scientific and pedagogical personnel at postgraduate and doctoral studies. As of 01.06.2012, the department trained 11 graduate students defended 14 theses for the degree of candidate of economic sciences.

In 2006-2011. Department worked with the financial holding "ProCredit Holding AG Co." (Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany) on the basis of ProCredit Bank. The cooperation program was active employment of students who received a bachelor's degree or master's degree in accounting and auditing positions respectively Retail Specialist (Client Advisor and Senior Client Advisor) and Head of Retail according to international labeling. More than 120 students attended the information sessions were held at the practice and training positions Retail Specialist (Client Advisor).

It is traditional to the Day of the department in the dormitories of the Academy.

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