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Invites entrants to the profession

6.030504/7.030504/8.030504 «Economy of the enterprise»

Qualification is appropriated to graduates:

at the level of the bachelor (term of training of 4 years):

- bachelor of economy of the enterprise;

- the bachelor of economy of the enterprise with knowledge of a foreign language;

- the bachelor of economy of the enterprise with profound knowledge of economic activity (economy and jurisprudence)

at the level of the expert (training term 1 year):

- expert in economy of the enterprise

at the level of the master (term of training of 1,5 years):

- master of economy of the construction enterprise;

- master of economy of the enterprise of municipal economy;

- master of management of projects and consulting;

at the level of the master (term of training of 2 years):

- master of business administration (MBA).

Training of students is carried out by professors, associate professors and teachers who actively are engaged in scientific, methodical and practical activities which allow to train experts at the level of modern world requirements.

On chair more than 30 subject matters are taught, in separate groups teaching is conducted in English.

On chair the open doctoral studies and successfully function postgraduate study. Within the last 5 years on chair 3 doctors and more than 15 candidates of science are prepared.

The list of competitive subjects at the accession to academy:

Certificates necessary for receipt:

1. Ukrainian and literature

2. Mathematics

3. History of Ukraine

The minimum quantity of points according to all certificates – 100.

The cost of the contract makes 10000 UAH a year. On tuition by correspondence - 4400 UAH a year.

Scientific and pedagogical structure of chair:

6 professors, 20 candidates of science, associate professors; 6 seniors of the teacher; 11 assistants.

The head of the department - Dr.Econ.Sci., professor Dymchenko Elena Vladimirovna.

The chair supports international relations with: Institute of regional economic researches of Moscow, the State university of management of Moscow, the Moscow institute of municipal services and construction, Institute of the public and municipal administration of NIU "BELGI" (Belgorod), the International university of the nature, society and the person "Dubna", Economic university St. Petersburg, University Lyumyer, Lyon - 2, France, University of Texas in Arlington, the USA, Technical University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), etc.


The chair is located in the central case of the Kharkov national academy of municipal economy to the address:

61002 of Kharkov, Marshall Bazhanov St., 17, miss. 422, 423, 424, 425, 420.

contact phone: (057) 707-32-41, (057) 707-31-16; (057) 707-31-73.

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "> This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Website: http://economy.kname.edu.ua

Transportation to metro station of "Architect Beketov", further on foot on Marshall Bazhanov St., 17 - the central entrance, or on Revolyutsii St., 12 - an office entrance.

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