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Professorial and staff of the department

Department of Economic Theory was established in September 1954. Its present name, the department has received in September 1992. Currently, the department has trained 13 teachers and 1 doctoral student and 3 graduate students.

Teaching staff of the Department of Economic Theory KNAME

The qualitative composition of the department:

- Doctors of Science – 1

- Professors – 2

- Candidates of Sciences, Associate Professors – 5

- senior teachers – 4

- assistants - 3

The purpose of the Economic Theory:

implementation of educational activities aimed at economic fundamentals training relevant educational qualification levels according to the standards of higher education and the requirements of the Bologna process, the formation of a creative and professional identity for practice and research.

Credo Department:

professional and personal self-improvement, self-learning and self-development, involvement in the life of the Academy, search activity, professionalism, initiative, confidence and high standards to each other and to the students.

Reshetilo VP - Head of the Department of Economic Theory KNAMEHead - Doctor of Economics, professor Reshetilo Valentina Petrovna

Experience of scientific - pedagogical work is 36 years. In 2007, one of the first to her doctoral thesis on the problems of economic synergy. Is a member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Teachers of economic theory and actively cooperates with the Kharkiv Center for Economic Education and the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) USA. Participated in a number of training seminars, which were conducted by NCEE USA in Ukraine. In 2000, was research fellow at the California Polytechnic University (Los Angeles, CA, USA). Member of the Specialized Scientific Council D 64.089.01 in the Kharkov national academy of municipal economy. Conducts lectures, workshops, directs course and diploma projects, writing of theses, is engaged in a methodical providing of training, preparation and Diplomapublication of instructional materials and teaching aids. Has 196 publications, including two individual monographs and more than 150 scientific publications in specialized journals, 4 manuals stamped MES, 30 teaching and teaching materials, 10 lecture notes. In 2011, VP Reshetilo a diploma XIII regional competition "High School Kharkiv - best names"

Teaching staff:

Doctor of Economics, Professor. Reshetilo V.P., Ph.D., Professor Stadnik G.V., Ph.D., Associate Professor Egorova O.Yu., Ph.D., Associate Professor Mozhaykina N.V., Ph.D., Associate Professor Moskvina A.O., Ph.D., Associate Professor Ostrovsky I.A., senior lecturer Naumov M.S., senior lecturer Timofeeva S.B., senior lecturer Shekshuev O.A., senior lecturer Stefan S.I., assistant Batistova O.I., assistant Voronina EO, assistant Fedotova Yu.V., graduate Dikaia A.S., graduate Komar Yu.A., graduate Ryback A.I., senior laboratory Sosonov V.V., laboratory Stebelska V.P.

Transformational changes in Ukraine significantly increased scientific and practical interest in basic economics. At the present stage in Ukraine there were new ways to use the achievements of world economic thought, an intensive exchange between different schools of thought. Fundamental economic training future professionals, which provides Department of Economic Theory, is important not only in their professional development, but also in the formation of their modern economic thinking.

Scientific-methodical work of the department

In the department of economic theory, students study the following subjects:

- political economy

- economic theory

- foundations of economic theory

- микроэкономика

- macroeconomics

- history of economics and economic thought

- History of Economic Thought

- national economy

- The international economy

- international economic relations

- basis of foreign economic activity

- basis of foreign economic relations.

Lecture Department of Economic Theory KNAME

For the study of these disciplines and the organization of independent work of students Department has trained four manuals stamped MES, 30 lecture notes, 140 tools in all disciplines of the faculty.

Training manuals Department of Economic Theory KNAME

Training manuals stamped MES:

1. Macroeconomics. Textbook for students in higher education. Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine / general editor. V.P. Reshetylo. - KNAME - Kharkov: KNAME, 2010. - 365 p.

2. national economy. Textbook for students in higher education. Recommended by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine / general editor. V.P. Reshetylo. - KNAME - Kharkiv KNAME,2010. – 386 p.

At the department is constantly working scientific seminar in which teachers discuss modern technologies of teaching economic theory and study the experience of the leading universities of the world and the country, and present papers that reflect their own teaching experience. Exchange of experience is also in the process of demonstration and public lectures and seminars, interaction visits and subsequent discussion.

The scientific work of the department

Teachers of the department conduct scientific state budget "Institutional factors in the development of urban and regional economy to a market transformation" (state registration number 01080004539.34), the results of which were protected by one doctor and seven master's theses, published 3 monographs, 107 scientific stattey in specialized scientific journals, 4 articles abroad. The teachers of the department participated in 130 international and Ukrainian scientific conferences, the results of which were published scientific articles and abstracts.

Monographs Department of Economic Theory KNAME

The monograph:

1. Reshetilo V.P. Economic synergetics institutional change / V.P. Reshetilo. - Kharkov: Prometheus Press, 2006. - 288.

2. Reshetilo V.P. Synergy formation and development of regional economies. Monograph / V.P. Reshetilo. - Kh.: KNAME, 2009. - 218.

3. Mozhaykina N.V. improvement as the subject of market transformation. Monograph / N.V. Mozhaykina, Tyutyunnikova S.V. - Poltava: Skytech, 2010. - 157p.


The scientific work Department of Economic Theory KNAME 1 The scientific work Department of Economic Theory KNAME 2

All teachers supervise students in scientific work. On faculty the student scientific circle, at which depth study aktualnye problems of modern economic analysis. Students who participate in the work of the department's scientific circles, become participants and winners of local, regional and national student contests.

The scientific work Department of Economic Theory KNAME 3

Each year, under the guidance of teachers in the Department for Scientific and Technical Conference is 50-60 KNAME scientific reports prepared by students of all faculties KNAME.


Participation in international projects and grants Department of Economic Theory KNAME 1 Participation in international projects and grants Department of Economic Theory KNAME 2

Participation in international projects and grants

The department is actively communicating with a number of departments of leading universities of Kharkov, Ukraine, and Russia. In particular, the Department is actively cooperating with the department of economic theory and economic management, Kharkiv Karazin, the chair of general of economic theory NTU "KPI", Department of Political Economy HNEU, chair of political economy Dnipropetrovsk University of Science, Department of Economic Theory, Donetsk National Technical University , chair of the methodology and theory of science Belgorod State Technological University named after B. Shukhov. In recent years teachers of the department participated in 12 conferences outside of Ukraine, 5 articles abroad, participated in international projects and grants. In particular, Professor. Reshetilo V.P. participated in the research program of the Institute for Economic Synergetics Synergetics in the Belgorod State Technological University named after B.G. Shukhov. Graduate student Yu.A. Komar under the terms of the Franco-Ukrainian master's program 120 ESTS has undergone training in the University of Lyon "Lyon 2 - Lumiere", France, at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Management as "Information, decision-making and Statistics in Business" by the results of which were protected Master thesis in French on "Development of information-analytical control module marketing companies group Carrefour Management based on statistical analysis" and received a master's degree of the University, "Lyon 2 - Lumiere." Yu.A. Komar also undergone training in international corporation Carrefour Management (France) on the team web-monitoring and analysis.

Traditional social work is the responsibility of members of the department to educate students. Teachers work curators academic groups actively working with the deans of the Academy and the student government, participate in the activities of trade unions.

Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

2Украинско - канадский культурно-образовательный центр

 Украинско- польский культурно-образовательный центр

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