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Electrical transport

emblem of the Faculty Electric transport KNAME

The origins of the faculty of electrical transport begin in 1934, when the Kharkov Institute of Public Utilities has been transformed to the Kharkov Institute of Engineers public works (HIIKS), and to the list of disciplines that have been studied at the Faculty of utilities have been introduced energy and urban transport, and began to act relevant departments and laboratories. Since 1991 - Faculty of electrical transport.

The faculty conducts training on step-qualifying levels: Bachelor Electromechanics of 4-year training, the specialist (the qualification "electrical engineer"), with a term of four years of study 10 months., Master electricians, electrical transport in the field:

7.05070202, 8.05070202 - "Electrical systems and systems of vehicles";

7.05070203, 8.05070203 - "Electric vehicles" on the specializations:

1. Subways.

2. Health and safety at the urban electric transport.

3. Design and manufacture of rolling stock of urban electric transport.

4. Maintenance and repair of city electric transport.

5. Servicing facilities Housing.

6. Electromechanical equipment of electric vehicles.

7.05070204, 8.05070204 - "Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive."



Shipka N.I - Dean of Faculty ET KNAME

Dean - Shipka Nikolai Ivanovich

kandandidat technical sciences, associate professor

Andreichenko V.P - Deputy Dean of Faculty ET KNAME

Deputy Dean for education

Andreichenko Vladimir Pavlovich

kandandidat technical sciences, associate professor

Mineeva J.V - Deputy Dean of Faculty ET KNAME

Deputy Dean for Science and Methodology

Mineeva Julia Vitalievna,

kandandidat technical sciences, associate professor


Shumilina J.G - chief Inspector of Department ET KNAME

senior Inspector

Shumilina Julia Georgievna

Litvin S.N - Secretary of the Faculty ET KNAME

Secretary of the Faculty

Litvin Svetlana Nikolaevna

The teaching staff includes 85 faculty teachers with degrees and titles 55 (65%), including: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor - 8 (9%), candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturers - 50 (59%), head teachers - 13 (15%); assistants - 9 (10%).

The faculty consists of five departments, including three secondary and two issuers.

General Education Department:


Head: doctor of physical mathematical Science, Professor Petchenko Alexander Matveyevich.

The department has seven teachers with degrees and titles - five (71%). Professors - 1, associate professor - 4, senior teachers - 1, assistant - 1

The department has six teaching laboratories, "Mechanics" (Room 470a, 470b), "Molecular Physics" (Room 469), "Electricity and Magnetism" (Room 349a, 349b), "Optics," Aud. 470b, and a research laboratory "Acoustic Spectroscopy" (aud.513).

Scientific activity is carried on "Studies of the physical properties of solids," in three ways:

Physical methods for studying the properties of solid materials;

Studies of electromagnetic waves and fields generated by sources of different shapes;

Assessment of environmental pollution discharge of harmful substances in the processing of metals.

History and Cultural Studies

Head of Department: Candidate of historical sciences,, associate professor Ryabchenko Olga Leonidovna.

The department has 9 teachers with degrees and titles - 8 (89%): Professors - 0, associate professor - 8, senior teachers - 1, assistant - 0.

Each year, department organizes regional competitions and international scientific conferences, conducts active research on topical issues of national history, as well as the department publishes monographs, articles in local and foreign publications.

Subjects of research is very complex and reflects the various aspects of national history:

Ukraine students in the 20-30 XX century.;

refugee status of the First World War;

Ukrainian Revolution 1917-1920 ;

sources of the history of Ukraine during World War II;

philosophical aspects of culture;

Merchants of Ukraine in the XIX century.

Theoretical and structural mechanics

Head of Department: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Shpachuk Vladimir Petrovich.

The department has 11 teachers with degrees and titles - 11 (100%): including the head. Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor - 1; Professor - 1, PhD. - 8, Associate Professor - 1.

Department of structurally comprises: a laboratory computer technology and mathematical modeling in mechanics (room 101b) laboratory of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Strength of Materials Laboratory (Room 101V), a specialized classroom to them. Professor Pustovoitova V.P. (room 101A).

Subject of research:

Theoretical and experimental studies of the dynamics and the stress-strain state bar, and the thin-shell structures with time-dependent force and kinematic influences;

development of methods to ensure the reliability of the dynamic rolling urban electric vehicles based on the design and development of advanced vibration testing, diagnosis and control of technical condition of machinery, plant, machinery and structures;

development of new technologies, theoretical studies and eksperimetalnye strength and stress-strain state of adhesive joints of concrete and reinforced concrete structures.

The release of the Department:

Electric vehicles

Head of Department: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Vasily Fomich Daleka.

The department has 38 teachers (including part-8 external), with degrees and titles - 20 (53%): Professors - 3, Associate Professor - 18, senior teachers - 10, assistants - 7.

The department produces specialists and masters in the field of:

"Electrical systems and systems of vehicles";

"Electric vehicles";

"Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive."

The department has 15 academic laboratories and one research.

Scientific activity is conducted on the topic "Development of scientific foundations of the establishment, operation and maintenance of electromechanical systems," in three areas:

Design of electromechanical systems, housing and utilities;

Maintenance of electromechanical systems, housing and utilities;

Repair of electromechanical systems of housing and communal services.

Life Safety

Head of Department: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Serikov Yakov Alexandrovich.

The department has 20 teachers (of which 6 external part-time), with degrees and titles - 14 (70%): Professors - 2, Associate Professor - 12, senior teachers - 1, assistant - 1.

The department produces specialists and masters in the field of "Health for electric vehicles", "Safety in Construction", as well as bachelor's degree in "Health".

The department has teaching laboratories - safety - (Room 202), Civil Defence - (Room 348), Safety - (Room 350).

The department has offices in the territorial administration Gospromgornadzora in the Kharkiv region, in northern electricity company NEK "Ukraine", the Department of Labor HKP 'Gorelectrotrans. "

Subject of research:

Life safety in construction and municipal services;

The development of monitoring systems operated by housing, industrial and social buildings.

Providing acoustic safety in the workplace and residential facilities housing area.

Address and opening hours

Dean's Faculty of electrical transport is located in the electrical engineering building (room 244) at 61002, Kharkiv. Revolution, 12; the main entrance - street. Bazhanov, Marshal, 17.

Time of the deanery from 8.15 to 17.00. Break from 13.00 to 13.45

Phone (057) 707-33-15

Direction Specialty Volume license
full-time education
Bachelors Specialists Masters
6.050702 "Electromechanics" 7.05070202, 8.05070202 "Electrical systems and complexes of vehicles"
7.05070203, 8.05070203 "Electric Transport"
7.05070204, 8.05070204 "Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive" 25


25 25


25 5


6.170202 "Occupational Safety" 6.170202 "Occupational Safety" -
Only: 150 25

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