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Town Planning Department

The emblem of Town Planning faculty KNAME

The Town Planning Department was created in 1930, has a long history and glorious tradition, is one of the leading faculties of the Academy.

Over the years the faculty of the department has considerable experience in professional and educational activities in the training of future architects and engineers, all necessary conditions for obtaining high-quality higher education and the realization of creative abilities of students.

The faculty consists of eight graduating departments that provide training bachelors and masters. Among the 130 teachers employed at the Department - 10 doctors, 16 professors, 63 Ph.D., 65 associate professors, 9 academicians and members of the real reporters branch academies of sciences of Ukraine, 2 State Prize of Ukraine, 2 People's Architect of Ukraine.

At the Faculty enrolls more than 1,500 students, of whom 260 - foreign nationals from 30 countries worldwide. The total amount of license for training bachelors in "Construction" is 300 seats, in the direction of "Architecture" - 75 seats, "Geodesy, Cartography and Land" - 25 seats.

The annual output is more than 200 specialists of specialists with higher education.

The active cooperation of the faculty with a wide range of businesses and organizations enables graduates to obtain a first job.

Among the partners - employers, such as Enterprise: JSC "Trest Zhilstroy-1" ODO "Zhilstroy-2" CHAO "Project and Research Institute", "Kharkov PromstroyNIIproekt" SOE "Kharkiv Heating Networks", CJSC "house-building complex Kuryazhsky", Department of Urban Development, Architecture and Land Relations of Kharkiv City Council, the General Directorate of State Committee of the Kharkiv region, SE "Vostokgeoinform" PE «Sntetics».

The actual placement of graduates is 84%. Graduates of the faculty to fully implement the knowledge gained and successfully operate the heads of leading enterprises and government.


Ryschenko TD - Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning KNAME

Ryschenko TD - Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning , Ph.D., assistant professor of "Technology of production and construction materials."

Date of birth: 17.04.1965 year.

In 1987 she graduated from the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute, Department of Organic Chemistry.

At the academy since 1991. In 2001 she defended her thesis in 2002 was named assistant professor and author of over 30 scientific and methodical work.

Experience of scientific and educational activities for over 20 years. Teaches a course on "Building Materials."

From 2002 to 2007 she worked as Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning Development, from May 2007 to February 2011 - the Deputy Chief of Education and Science of Kharkiv Regional State Administration.

In May 2011 she was appointed dean of the Town Planning Department.

Usacheva EJ - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning KNAME

Usacheva EJ - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning of educational work, k. architect., Associate Professor of "Architecture and Landscape Design

Date of Birth: 05/07/1961 of the year.

In 1984 he graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Engineers public works on specialty "Architecture". In 2009 she defended her thesis.

Experience of scientific and pedagogical work - 20 years.

He reads lectures on "Descriptive Geometry" and "Architectural Design", directs the graduate and master's design.

Has more than 20 research and teaching with 11/11/2011 year awarded the rank of Assistant Professor of "Architecture and Landscape Design."

Bychenko L.A - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning KNAME

Bychenko Lyudmila Anatolevna - Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Town Planning of educational work, assistant of "Project management in municipal services and construction"

Date of birth: 01.12. 1984

In 2007, she received a degree in Kharkiv National Municipal Academy - Master in "Management of organizations", qualification "Manager-economist."

From 01.12.2007 - 01.12.2010 for the post - graduate student of Kharkov National Academy of Municipal Economy.

Since 2011 - assistant of project management in municipal services and construction. He teaches courses on "Principles of Management and Marketing", "city management".

In April 2012 she was appointed Associate Dean of the Town Planning Department.

Hlushenkova Irina Serggevna - dean of urban planning department of scientific and technical work.

In 1989 he graduated from the Rostov Civil Engineering Institute majoring in "Applied Geodesy." In 2002 graduated from Kharkov State University. VV Dokuchaev in "Land and Cadastre." In 2012 he defended his thesis in "Information Technology".

Experience research and educational work - 9 years.

Associate Professor of geographic information systems, land valuation and real estate. Teaches subjects: "Surveying", "Higher Geodesy", "The organization and management of production." He has over 40 scientific and methodological works.


Laptii AI - Chief Inspector of the Town Planning Department KNAME

Laptii AI - Chief Inspector of the Town Planning Department.

In 2012 he graduated with a degree KNAME "Municipal Construction and Economy" with the qualification "Engineer of the builder."

Sergeeva NJ - computer operator of the Town Planning Department KNAME

Sergeeva NJ - computer operator of the Town Planning Department.

Date of birth 16.05.1978, the

In 2007 she graduated from Ukrainian Engineering-Pedagogical Academy, Department of Energy in the specialty "Pedagogy of Higher Education", with the qualification professional pedagogy in higher education, received a master's degree.

Spasonova TS - secretary-typist of the Town Planning Department KNAME

Spasonova TS - secretary-typist of the Town Planning Department.

Date of birth 24.07.1979 year.

In 2003 she graduated from the construction Faculty HarDAZT specialty "Hoisting, construction machinery" and with the qualification "Engineer of the mechanic."

address and operation time

The Urban Development Department located in the new laboratory building (room 405) at 61002, Kharkov, str. Marshal Bazhanov, 17 (main entrance)

Hours dean from 8.15 to 17.00 

Break 13.00 to 13.45


  • (057) 707-33-14 - Dean's Office



Отрасль знаний



Выпускающая кафедра


Строительство и архитектура











7.06010101, 8.06010101

Промышленное и гражданское строительство

Cтроительных конструкций

Механики грунтов, фундаментов и инженерной геологии


Охрана труда в строительстве

Безопасности жизнедеятельности


Геотехника подземной урбанистики

Механики грунтов, фундаментов и инженерной геологии

7.06010103, 8.06010103

Городское строительство и хозяйство


Технологии строительного производства и строительных материалов


Планування, реконструкція та благоустройство городской застройки



Геоинформационные системы в градостроении


Техническая реконструкция, ремонт и реконструкция зданий



Энергосберегающие и информационные технологии в строительстве, при ремонте и реконструкции зданий










7.06010202, 8.06010202


Архитектурного и ландшафтного проектирования

Архитектурного мониторинга городской среды


Реконструкция и реставрация архитектурных комплексов

Архитектурного мониторинга окружающей среды


Ландшафтная архитектура


Архитектура жилищных и гражданских строений


Архитектурный дизайн градостроительной среды

Архитектурного мониторинга городской среды


Геодезия и землеустройство


Геодезия, картография и землеустройство

7.08010105, 8.08010105

Геоинформационные системы и технологии

Геоинформационных систем, оценки земли и недвижимого имущества


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