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Dept. of Ukrainian and Russian languages as foreign

 1Head of Department - PhD. Philology. Science, Valchenko I.V

 His story begins with the department in 1991, when the Department of the Ukrainian and Russian languages was the preparatory department for foreign citizens. In 1995, the preparatory department was allocated to a separate department - the Department of Russian as a foreign language. Candidate to head the department. ped. , Associate Professor T.A Mehedkina. From 1999 to 2007 headed the department PhD. Philology. Science., Associate Professor Ya.N.Prilutskaya. In 2007 the department was renamed the Department of Russian and Ukrainian as foreign languages. In the same year became head of the department PhD. Philology. Science. Valchenko I.V

Currently, the department has: PhD. Philology. Science, Valchenko I.V, chief teachers Sokolova G.P., Plotnikova T.A., Lubyanaya O.L.Grinchenko E.V, Kohan L.V., teacher Sergeychuk L.V..


Staff of the department

 Over the years the teachers of the department have prepared more than 80 scientific articles, training and teaching aids, dictionaries, developed a computer-based training program.

Tutorials by teachers are used in the learning process: Kravchenko O.V, Mehedkina T.A, Sokolova G.P "Russian Language for Beginners", part 1 and 2 (tutorial for foreign students of preparatory departments);  Valchenko I.VPrilutskaya Ya.N. "Laskavo if asked" (textbook on Ukrainian Yazikov for foreign students of preparatory departments); Chernyakova L.E, Maleev A.I,  Prilutskaya Ya.N. Physics (a teaching aid for foreign students of the preparatory department); Voronovskaya L.P, Kovalenko L.B. Mathematics (for foreign students of the preparatory department); Panaetova T.D, Zaitseva I.S Chemistry (tutorial for foreign students of the preparatory faculty)); Semyannikov N.L,  Kotsyuba O.V The basis of biology. Human Anatomy and Physiology (textbook for foreign students of the preparatory faculty)).

Teachers are improving their scientific and pedagogical level. In June 2007, Sokolova G.P training took place in Kharkiv them. V.N Karasin. The course "Topical problems of teaching Russian as a foreign language" reading teachers IRYA іm. AS Pushkin (Moscow). In September 2008 I.V Valchenko, G.P.Sokolova, T.A.Plotnikova, O.L.Lubyanaya took refresher courses in the Russian Peoples' Friendship University of programmatically academic seminar on innovative methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language. As a result of studying all the teachers were certified. Two years in a row (2011, 2012), teachers of the department G.P.Sokolova, T.A.Plotnikova, O.L.Lubyanaya participate in the International School-Seminar "Suchasnі pedagogіchnі tehnologії in osvіtі" at the National Technical University "Polytechnic Harkovsky Institute ". According to the results of study were obtained certificates.

Department of the Ukrainian and Russian as foreign language has close contacts with leading departments to work with foreigners such as universities Harkovsky National University. V.N Karasin, National Technical University "KPI", Harkovsky National Pharmaceutical University, Harkovsky National Automobile and Highway University, Kyiv National Linguistic University.

At the Department from 2002 to 2005 were teaching practice students Humanitarian-Technical Institute (a branch of Modern Humanitarian University, Moscow). Practice Managers (L.M Gornov, N.E Dubrovskaya, G.P Sokolova), organized a day of attendance, as well as the independent conduct of practical classes in Russian language. For this purpose, trainees were conducted seminars on topics of practical methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.

The department works methodical seminar, held an open session and discussed, prepared and updated demo material, analyzed the results of a landmark control, are reviewed by the Department of methodical development of teachers.

Foreign students also learn the Russian language and general subjects, so the department has specialist teachers in physics (Chief Lecturer Gorbenko A.M), chemistry (Ph.D.of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor Panaetova T.D, Ph.D.of Chemical Sciences , Associate Professor ZaitsevI.S), biology (Ph.D.of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Semyannikov N.L) and mathematics (assistant Kuznetsova A.A).


In the audience in the classroom chemistry

 Together with students, foreigners held city tours, visits to theaters and meze city, excursions to other cities (Slavyanogorsk (2007), Parkhomovskii museum and arboretum Krasnokutskiy (2008), Uman, Kiev (2009), Khortytsya - Askania Nova (2010), Dikanka-Oposhnya (2011).

3  4
The Museum of Ceramics in Oposhnya In the museum of Ukrainian wedding village Large Budischi

 Especially popular in the evening and thematic lessons devoted to the New Year, March 8, the Day of Victory in Great Patriotic War, as well as vipusknye evening, which held under the motto "We are already talking in Russian. "

 7  5
New Year's Day 2012.

Graduation themed lesson

"We are talking in Russian"

 In January 2005 the Department celebrated its 10 th anniversary commemorative meeting of the "Ho UAPRYAL" on the basis of the department. Were devoted to the jubilee of the following events: an exhibition of educational literature department, issue commemorative wall newspaper "skit", prepared by the department faculty and students of the preparatory department. Guests of the festival were representatives of the Rector, Dean of International Students and representatives of related departments of 16 universities of the city.

For 17 years the department pіdgotovila more than 1,500 students from 22 countries worldwide. The department prepares future architects, engineers, economists, pharmacists, physicians, sculptors, artists and philologists. Most graduates of the preparatory department continue their studies in various institutions of the country, some of them having received higher education, postgraduate studies prodovzhili uspіshno and defended a thesis.

The Department has significant potential and opportunities for further high-quality and efficient work.

Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

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 Украинско- польский культурно-образовательный центр

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