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Department of Electrical transport

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7.050702.02 Electrical systems and systems of vehicles

7.050702.03 Electrical transport

7.050702.04 Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive

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The teaching of the department

The teaching staff of the department of electrical transport KNAME

In the teaching staff Department include:

2 professors, 16 associate professors, 4 senior teachers, 6 assistants, 2 graduate students

HOME Applicants:

Department electrical transport trains students in the direction of "Electrician" and specialties7.050702.02 - Electrical systems and systems of vehicles, 7.050702.03 - Electrical transport, 7.050702.04 - Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive

For educational and qualification level:

Bachelor of Electromechanics.

A specialist in electrical engineering.

Master electricians.

At the department of electrical transport is carried out:

- training for the design and operation of urban passenger, electric transportation and public utilities (heat, water and gas supply of the urban population, elevators, cars, buses, electric vehicles, machinery, etc.).

After graduating from the Academy

Graduates majoring 7.050702.02 - "Electric systems and systems of vehicles" MAKE: research, development, production, operation, automation, mechanization and maintenance of vehicles for different purposes (cars, buses, electric cars, etc.), production bases. Graduates occupy positions of responsibility managers in transport.

Graduates majoring 7.050702.03 - "Electric vehicles" MAKE: research, development, production, operation of the rolling stock of electric transport, repair of electric transport (metro, trams, trolleys, cable cars, etc.), maintenance of electromechanical equipment of electric companies, occupational health and safety in electric transport. Graduates occupy positions of responsibility from the masters of the leaders of the highest level and ensure reliable operation of electric vehicles.

Graduates majoring 7.050702.04 - "Electromechanical systems of automation and electric drive" have an excellent training to become qualified specialists in various urban businesses that provide heat, water and gas supply of the urban population, operation, maintenance and installation of lifts for different purposes, the work of computer control systems for various public utilities, transport service, providing numerous other public services related to repairs, technical accomplishment of apartments and rooms for various purposes.

Examples of successful careers of our graduates in the specialty

president of the corporation electric enterprises of Ukraine;

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences;

Head Department of Electrical transport;

Associate Professors Professors, Candidates of Technical Sciences Department of Electrical transport;

senior engineer of the municipal enterprise "Sevtrolleybus" in Sevastopol;

Head Kominternovsky tram depot;

Head of Research and Testing Center City Electric Gosstandart of Ukraine;

Head of senior State technical inspection gorelektrotransporta Ukrainian State Committee on Housing;

Director General of the Ministry of municipal electric utilities;

managers of transport companies of almost all cities of Ukraine.

Certificates are required for admission to the following subjects:

Ukrainian language and literature;


Physics or Chemistry


Department of Electrical Transport was established in 1934 by Vasily Gavrilovich Popov (later the first Head of Department), who read the discipline "City Tram" for students of economic specialties since 1923 Formation and development of the department for over 25 years is with Vasily Gavrilovich, who are grateful to many electric transport generation.

Further development team, development of training facilities, improving the education of students were under the direct supervision of heads of department associate Professors E.M. Omelchenko, E.I. Karpushina, A.I Pedenko, I.B. Aleksandrova.

Many bright pages at one time entered into the history of the department such eminent scientists and experts, like Professor P.P. But, associate professor P.G. Kofman, S.S. Blinkin, N.M. Vasys, A.U. Sizonov, E. M. Frenkel, and V.M. Pungin, S.S. Terzin, senior teachers K.M. Tihonravova, G.G. Shestak.

The department has received a start in life more than 7,000 professionals who attended the three forms of training: daytime, evening, part-time.

At the time, graduates of the Novikov Yu.V. and Veklich V.F., became doctors of technical sciences. Currently, doctors are far from the Department of V.H. Daleka and M.V. Khvorost. Among the graduates of more than 15 candidates of technical sciences. The department is constantly acting graduate school, where future teachers are learning, and academics.

In order to improve professional training and reduce the time to adapt to the production department has branches in Kharkiv municipal enterprise "Gorelectrotrans", Kharkiv Metro, in the Kiev Scientific-Research and Design Institute of Technology, Urban Development, Design Office "Southern" CP "Kievpasstrans "Mariupol tram and trolleybus operation. In addition, the department opened its branches to prepare professionals who already have the education level of junior specialist. In teaching and counseling centers in Simferopol, Donetsk, Mariupol training every year 150 - 250.


For the material-technical base of the department include the following laboratories:

- Laboratory of traction network (room 330);

- Laboratory automation of technological processes (room 332);

- Laboratory of traction substation (room 329);

- Laboratory facilities management electrotransport (room 328);

- Laboratory "Construction Materials" (aud.327);

- Laboratory organization operating ET (Room 326);

- Laboratory of traction electrical apparatus (room 239);

- microprocessor technology lab (room 238);

- Laboratory electric vehicles (room 236);

- Research Laboratory of ET (Room 121);

- Laboratory drive and repair (room 120);

- Laboratory of Electric Traction (room 119);

- Laboratory technical operation of ET (Room 118);

- Laboratory of mechanical equipment of vehicles (room 117).


The material and technical base of the department of electrical transport KNAME 1

Material and technical base of the Department of ET

The department assumes the development of new technologies associate Professorsd with the use of computer applications for the testing of students, multimedia technology during lectures and practical exercises.

In this regard, the department created:

-LABORATORY "information technologies in transport" (room.333), a computer class for which their own (the authors - associate professor Esaulov S.M., associate professor Babicheva O.F, laboratory Lukashova N.P.) has been developed for the PC under MS Windows - a training package SinSys v.1.11, which contains the actual application software "SauMUK", "SauTP", etc., used to implement the stand layouts and automatic control systems of various technological processes. An example of this is in the auditorium. 333 modernized and adapted to the software SinSys complex robot "GRANITE".

In international forums applications are awarded certificates in Russia, Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and other countries. The idea of programming disciplines borrowed colleagues in more than 40 countries.

Thanks to the original software package SinSys first proposed the implementation of pilot studies at home in the virtual laboratory stands in the distance learning students. Training and technical literature, photography and multimedia material sciences are now made available to each part-time students, and many more to come.

With the help of computer technology, students complete research and experiments are carried out the work and protect them. In the course of their projects, they synthesize the modern means of automation systems for process control and diagnostics of public utilities.

Many student research projects carried out through programs SinSys, awarded diplomas to the competitions, and deserve the attention of the technical ideas that are now often in the graduation project.

All this contributes to the training of specialists in disciplines such as automation of technological processes and systems, microprocessor-based devices, computer-aided design of electromechanical systems, diagnostics of electromechanical equipment for transport, etc.


The material and technical base of the department of electrical transport KNAME 2

Laboratory "information technologies in transport" (Room 333)

-LABORATORY "Microprocessor control of electric drive" (Room 331), which conducts research on modern equipment, designed and created by associate professor Shpika N.I. and associate professor Donets A.V. together with experts of NTU "KPI". Demontriruyutsya control asynchronous electric drive with a PC-based self-developed software IS-AK. In the lab benches to simulate the movement of vehicles, the study of transients in electric drive.

All this contributes to the training of specialists in such disciplines: "The theory elektroprivoda", "Theory and calculation of electric rolling stock", "Power converters for automated electric drive", "Control of electric drives", "Automatic Electric general industrial machinery," "Special electric vehicles" .


The material and technical base of the department of electrical transport KNAME 3


Laboratory "Microprocessor control of electric drive" (Room 331)


Educational work of the department of electrical transport KNAME


The department conducted training Students and faculty postgraduate students, read about 60 disciplines for which the prepared educational and methodical literature. Considerable attention is paid to the Department of the publication of educational and methodological materials and textbooks, including those approved by the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports of Ukraine. During the period of the employees of the Department issued a considerable number of textbooks are electronic versions of textbooks, manuals and guidelines.

Taught at the Department of the ET subjects:

"Construction materials", "Mechanical equipment of rolling stock", "Electrical equipment, rolling stock", "Repair of rolling stock", "Diagnosis of rolling stock", "Modelling of electromechanical systems", "Fundamentals of electric traction," "Technical operation of electric vehicles," "The organization and management of transport," "Road safety and braking systems", "Information Technology in Transport", "Handling and Processing Equipment", "The Theory of electric", "Resource in transport", "Energy Saving and energy management" "Microprocessor-based devices", "Automation of technological processes and systems", "Computer-aided design of electromechanical systems", etc.

Students take part in the scientific, technical, all-Ukrainian and international conferences and have all the awards:


Awards Department of electric transport KNAME

Awards, which were students in various science and technology competitions

Students 3, 4 and 5 courses are technological, operational and pre-diploma practice in specialized production facilities (transport, lift, research, design):


Base Practices Department of electric transport KNAME
base practices
Infinity – International Fellowship IN trandisciplinar ITY supported by Erasmus Mundus programme

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