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Areas of activity

Areas of activity Scientific and technical center of energy efficient technologies:

- Participation in preparing and conducting the unified scientific-technical and educational policy in the field of energy efficient technologies in housing and municipal and industrial sphere m Kharkov, Kharkov region, Ukraine and the whole;

- Coordination of scientists and teachers KSAME leading research in the development and implementation of modern energy saving technologies;

- Preparation of preliminary feasibility - feasibility studies for energy efficiency projects in order to receive domestic and foreign investment;

- Improvement of preservation, accumulation and systematization of information and teaching in the field of energy efficient technologies through the introduction of new programs and facilities, information technology, including geographic information, and transfer as appropriate information to interested businesses and services;

- Analysis of the best domestic and international experience in development and use of new technologies of energy supply, energy consumption and improving control over the use of energy in the city of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region and Ukraine as a whole;

- Organizing and conducting at the "Center of Metropolis" KSAME educational and practical take, scientific seminars, exhibitions, conferences and presentations, including international.

Basic principles of Scientific and technical center of energy efficient technologies:

- Multilateral agreements and contacts with interested organizations, enterprises and institutions involved in research and development of students, graduates and students, scientists and experts KSAME and other universities, utilities and businesses m Kharkov, Kharkov region and Ukraine as a whole.

- Close scientific ties with universities, research institutions, enterprises and organizations m Kharkiv, Ukraine Kharkiv region and, in general, developing new energy-efficient and resource saving technologies.

- Participation in preparation for publication of collections of papers, training manuals, computer manuals and booklets with advertising and technical descriptions of energy efficient and resource saving technologies, materials and equipment used in housing and municipal and industrial sphere m Kharkov, Ukraine and Kharkiv region in general.

Completed projects:image016

1. Project of reconstruction of outdoor lighting Lozova Kharkiv region, based on the use of technology integrated global design cities that provides the most efficient use of utility, advertising and ilyuminatsionnoho types of lighting. The project provided a savings of more than 100 thousand kilowatt hours. electricity per year.image018

2. The reconstruction project of power and lighting Cultural institutions of Kiev district of Kharkiv.image020

The project applied energy efficiency techniques and technologies in the electricity system of external and internal lighting of buildings, including energy efficient fluorescent and LED lamps and systems management. Project implementation will provide savings of more than 5 thousand kilowatt hours. electricity per year.image022

3. Development of methods and technical means of control modes of external lighting cities (Kyiv, Ukraine MZHKH).

The project developed a range of means of automatic control mode of lighting equipment, including load regulation, reactive power compensation, flux, etc.. The project provided a savings of more than 20 million kWh. electricity per year.image024

4. Development of energy-saving technologies in residential and public buildings of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

Implementing provide energy savings in the amount of:

- 20-25% due to warming;

- 8-10% by replacing windows;

- 10-20% due to the modernization of heating systems;

- 5-10% by upgrading lighting.


5. Improving the reliability of power grids 110-10 kV AC "Kharkivoblenergo."

The project developed scientific principles, methods and technical means to enhance the reliability of measuring voltage transformers and returned to their base saving up to 10 thousand kilowatt hours. electricity per year.

6. Increased efficiency of the electric mains 6-10 kV AC "Kharkivoblenergo."

The project developed a scientific and technical and methodological principles of optimizing the structure and parameters of the electric mains and returned to their base savings of more than 20 thousand kilowatt hours. electricity per year.image030


7.Pidvyschennya energy discharge light sources (Physical and Technological Institute, Braunschweig, Germany).

The draft set of physical principles and characteristics of reactive power flow in discharge lamps and their power losses by reducing them by 15%.image032

8. Improving the reliability of measuring voltage transformers (Poznan, Technical University, Poland).

The project developed a scientific and technical principles of energy efficiency and provide a basis zmenshannya energy losses in the voltage measuring transformers by 15-20%.

9. LED lighting systems of buildings, Donetsk.

The project developed a design and technology of LED lamps for lighting facilities housing.

The introduction of LED lighting systems of buildings provide savings of over 40 thousand kilowatt hours. electricity per year.

Long-term program to improve energy efficiency:image036


1. The program is a comprehensive lighting design cities.

Able to provide energy efficiency lighting, business and investment attractiveness of cities.


2. Dynamic LED lighting system.

Focus on lighting education and office space. In able to improve the quality of lighting with the approach of it to get a natural and significant social impact by reducing disease of the nervous and cardiovascular systems of workers.image040

3. Energy-saving LED lighting system for vnutrybudynkovoho and office lighting.

Oriented lighting staircases, corridors and vspomizhnyh premises. Work in conjunction with automatic systems. Provide savings to 40-50% of energy.


4. Technical means of automatic control mode of power supply systems and lighting cities.image044

Proposed energy technologies of electricity and lighting cities on the basis of complex technical devices of automatic control modes (uvik. off), voltage, power, etc.. The use of which provides energy savings up to 50%.

5. Autonomous energy supply system of social infrastructure facilities.

Targeted for use in power supply remote objects of municipal economy. Provide comprehensive use of solar energy, wind, tailings and waste of life.


6. Eco-efficient light sources and lighting systems based on them.image048

A range of means lighting that all together provide the environmental conditions of arrival of man in the local environment without mercury, light environment, materialoekolohichni, rechovynnoekolohichni lighting).

INTEGRATION OF SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENTS Scientific and technical center of energy efficient technologies in the learning process KSAME

An integral part of the Center is to improve integration and promising solutions to improve energy efficiency in the educational process KSAME in the following areas:


1. Develop teaching kits on subjects profiling KSAME departments.

2. Conducting demonstration workshops with students KSAME.

3. Organization of scientific and technical conferences and seminars on the subject of research

Scientific and technical center of energy efficient technologies:.image052

4. Strengthening and development of international relations departments on the subject of research.



1. International Commission on illumination (Vienna, Austria);

2. National Academy of Sciences of Serbia;

3. Physico-Technical Institute (Braunschweig, Germany);

4. Technical University (Gabrovo, Bulgaria);

5. Lodz Technical University (Lodzin, Poland);

6. Technical University of Cracow (Krakow, Poland);

7. National Committee light 39 countries (USA, England, France, Israel and others.)

8. Warsaw Technical University (Warsaw, Poland).

9. IRTC "Power electronics and energy efficiency" in 2012

10. LUX EUROPA 2013 (Krakow, Poland);



1. AS number 1170260 heat exchanging surface regenerative heat exchanger. ( Author E.M. Novahytskyy, O.V.  Romashko).

2. AS number 1241033 Method of heat exchange in regenerative heat exchanger. (Author I.R. Schekin, O.V. Shulyakov, O.V. Romashko)

3. AS number 63147 LED Lamp with adjustable color temperature. (Author. P.P. Govorov, M.I. Nosanov).

4. AS number 63547 Lamp LED-based white and yellow LEDs with adjustable temperature. ( Author P.P. Govorov, M.I. Nosanov).

5. AS number antivandalnyy lamp. ( Author P.P. Govorov, M.I. Nosanov).

6. AS number 45331 svitlodiodnolyuministsentna combined. ( Author P.P. Govorov, M.I.  Nosanov).

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