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Management of Housing

List of teachers who work at FPC and PC utilities on the subject of "Organization and management of condominium"

1. Prasol Valentina Mikhailovna - Dean of FPC and PC utilities KSAME, associate professor.

 2. Abyelyeshov Vladimir Ilyich - Associate Professor teploholodopostachannya KSAME, Ph.D.

 3. Bykova Anna Yurievna - The Department of control over the condominium, LCD and JBK Department of Housing Kharkiv City Council (concurrently).

 4. Zimin Irina Valerievna - Chairman of the condominium "Alliance 2007" (part time).

 5. Belyatskyy Alexander Vladimirovich - The Department of control over the condominium, LCD and JBK Department of Housing Kharkiv City Council (concurrently).

 6. Vinogradskaya Olga Mikhailovna - assistant professor of management projects in urban agriculture and construction KSAME.

7. Davydov Oleg Egorovich - deputy. Director of the Association of LCD, JBK and condominiums (per job).

8. Kapustin Gennady Valentinovich - Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering KSAME, Ph.D.

9. Rastorhuyev Alexander Konstantinovich - Chief Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Kharkiv region (part time).

 10. Samoilova Julia Yurievna - Chairman of the condominiums' Alma Center "(part time).

11. Voronin Viktor Vasylyovych - deputy. Head Derzhenerhonahlyadu in Kharkiv region (part time).

Course "Management of housing"

 Combining condominium (condominiums) - is the only mechanism by which owners of residential and nonresidential buildings in residential building may jointly possess, use and manage the whole house. Law of Ukraine "On Associations of condominium" defines condominiums as "condominium association - a legal entity established to assist owners use their own property management, maintenance and use of public property and indivisible."

 The purpose of the curriculum: improving professional orientation, giving students a solid knowledge of the organization and management of condominiums.

Target audience: current (future) management representatives of the condominium, the representatives of the JSO, construction, service companies, utility companies, representatives of local governments.

The need for professional development initiative groups, representatives of government derives from paragraph 1 condominium "Assumptions" Rules of the maintenance of residential buildings and adjacent areas, approved by State Committee for Housing Ukraine of 17.05.2005, № 76.

Training for this course is for 85-hour program and 109-hour program with additional study of Operating Rules of Consumer (PTEES).

The training program includes lectures, workshops, business and role games, round tables with participation of representatives of local self-government, service companies, condominium associations, experts and practitioners in this topic, visit condominiums.

After the training students receive documents on training - evidence established policy, the certificate of the Department of Housing Executive Committee of the Kharkiv City Council and a certificate of training and certification of PTEES.


Faculty training and retraining of managers and specialists housing at KSAME provides training to existing or future leaders of condominiums.

During training, students are provided with teaching materials.

The average training period - 1 month.

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Field studies of the course: "The organization and management of condominium associations"

1. Office of Housing Ukraine.

2. Civil legal principles of establishment and operation of condominiums.

3. Common property management of condominiums.

4. Organization of business condominiums.

5. Keeping house and house territory.

6. Accounting in condominiums.

7. These formation rates for utility services. Payment for services.

8. The legal regime of land condominiums. Land valuation and benefits to pay for land.

9. Social psychological aspects of collective ownership.

10. Health in condominiums.

11. Energy efficiency in housing. Energy efficiency measures in condominiums.

12. Exchange of experience.


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