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Postgraduate education and distance learning

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Faculty of postgraduate education and distance learning history started in 1986, when Academy (at the time Kharkov Institute of Communal Construction Engineers) established the Teachers' qualifications (FPC), director of economic services, building organizations. In 1992, the FPC formed the basis of a special faculty of staff with higher education. FSP Management and carried out a special faculty Dean.  In December 1998 the two departments reorganized into the Faculty of Postgraduate Studies, whose main focus was the training of specialists for the second program of higher education.

In 1992, together with the faculty of urban electric transport agreement was entered into with public utility "Kyyivelektrotrans" on joint activities. On the basis of the "Kyyivelektrotrans" organized branch of the department of electrical and transport department of economics and management in construction and urban development, which was later reorganized into the Training and Consultation Center Academy in Kiev.

In 1999 - 2001 Faculty of years hard work in organizing training and consulting centers in the cities of Sevastopol, Yalta, Simferopol, Evpatoria, Mariupol, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Genichesk Kupyansk, which allowed students to learn directly by correspondence at home.

In those years on the faculty, along with retraining of specialists, a large amount of training is distance learning students. In this regard, the faculty was renamed into the Faculty of Postgraduate Education and Distance Learning (FPO and Zoe).

Currently on the faculty of the educational process is conducted in the form of part-time training in the following licensed professions.

Block Economic Profile: specializing in accounting and auditing, Business Economics, Management.

Block specialties technical direction: "Industrial and civil construction, urban construction and economy," "Heat and ventilation, electric transportation, electrical power system.

The faculty are the following programs:

Bachelor on the basis of full secondary education, the study 4.5 years;

Bachelor diploma at the junior specialist appropriate direction (short term studies - 3.5 years);

training at the bachelor's degree relevant specialty training period - 1,5 years;

training specialists based specialist degree (program second higher education) - training period 2.5 years.

Among the students is popular specialty in Organizational Management with a specialization in management information systems. This program admits applicants with a Bachelor of another direction. Term of training - 2 years Bachelor program, and 1.2 years for the program specialist.

Studying at the faculty on the basis of agreements concluded with individuals or organizations. Among the client companies such as Harkovoblenergo, Zhytomyroblenergo, Krymenergo, of urban electric transport eastern region of Ukraine.

We invite everyone to get a degree or higher in the second study in our department.


Achkasov A.Y - Dean Faculty of postgraduate education and distance learning KNAME


Achkasov Anatoly Yegorovich,

Dr. economical.  prof.,

Okhrimenko V.N - Deputy Dean Faculty of postgraduate education and distance learning KNAME

Deputy Dean

Okhrimenko Vyacheslav Nikolaevich, candidate. Engineering. associate professor,

Milkin I.V - Deputy Dean Faculty of postgraduate education and distance learning KNAME

Deputy Dean

Milkin Igor Viktorovich, senior lecturer

Deputy Dean of Studies

Sklyaruk Natalia Ivanovna, candidate. economical. associate professor

Pushkar T.A - Deputy Dean Faculty of postgraduate education and distance learning KNAME

Deputy Dean of methodical work

Pushkar Tatiana Andreevna.,  candidate. Economics Senior Lecturer

strarshiy Inspector dean


Travel and work hours

Dean and MD FPO: Room 306, KNAME Street. Revolution, 12, Kharkov, Ukraine, 61002, stopping subway "Academician Beketova".


  • from the railway station taxi numbers:;
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Time dean work with 8.00 to 16.30 Break 13.00 to 13.45 Time scrap students with 13.00 to 15.00


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Postgraduate education and distance learning

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