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From the history of our library

The history of the library is inseparably connected with the history of Beketov National University of Municipal Engineering. After numerous reorganizations on the 12th of June our university, that was called Kharkov Institute of Municipal Engineering at that time, was founded and the library of All-Ukrainian Technical School of Municipal Engineering with the general amount of books about 150 volumes was passed there.

In the pre-war period the library occupied 2 rooms of the institute premises, their total area was 90 square meters. There were five members in the staff of the library.

In 1974 according to Siharulidze`s project the building of the new housing of the institute in Marshal Bazhanov Street was finished. In the new housing the library got spacious premises, which were the best ones among the libraries of the city at that time. Its general area increased from 570 square meters, including the issue centres in hostels, to 2 165 square meters.

In 70-80ies started their work the fiction lending library with an open access to the most popular publications, the science lending library, that serves the university faculty and provides all categories of readers with books for scientific work and also the bookstorage department. In January 1990 the educational literature lending library for students of a correspondence department was opened.

Since 1999 the library started a new stage of development – the stage of the library process automation. Thanks to the participation of the university in the project

Tempus- Tasis “Environment and Energy” our library got six computers and a printer. In August 2000 from the budget of the project 5 working positions of the license programme “Liber Media” were acquired for the library. In the library computer class users got a possibility of the access to the Internet.

In September 2000 creation of the Electronic Catalogue for the fund of new arrivals began. Since 2001 the library has started the retro-input of its fund.

The third millennium the university library has entered as a cohesive team of high-class professionals.

In 2007 on the basis of the third reading hall (now the information services hall) the electronic reading hall equipped with 12 computers having access to the local network of the Academy and the Internet was created. At present this hall is equipped with fifty computers, about 10 337 users have attended it.

Since 2008 the library has been working with a free software “Koha”. Nowadays the electronic catalogue includes 70 016 items of the active library fund. While working with the programme “Koha” in the electronic catalogue on-line http://library.kname.du.ua with the help of the user-friendly web-interface,users have an opportunity to perform simple and extended search, can order literature beforehand, see their electronic readers` cards and the history of their reading.

By order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine №464 since 25.04.2013 KNAME was renamed into Beketov KNUME.

As of today, the staff of the library consists of 57 employees, among them 43 employees have got complete higher education and 25 librarians have got more than 20 years length of service.

The fund of our library runs to 929 128 copies.

We provide services to more than 15 100 users according to the uniform account.

The readers got about 750 000 copies.

The work of our library is closely connected with departments. Students are provided with scientific literature and resource books according to the programmes of the courses, professors` applications, price lists.

The access to all library resources is provided with 69 APM and Wi-Fi area that function in all subdivisions of the library. All library services including the Internet are free.

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